Bazı Akademisyen Görüşleri

1- Prof. Das ‘ın görüşleri

“Prof. Dr Ekrem Savas

is one of the most well known Turkish mathematicians who has done a lot of work in Mathematical Analysis. Though he has done research works in many areas of Analysis like The Theory of Approximations and expansions, Fourier series, Real functions, Functional analysis, Probability theory and Stochastic processes, his most significant contributions have been in the Theory of Sequences, series and Summability. Over the years he has done a lot of works in sequence spaces, matrix Summability, Summability factors, different kinds of general convergence methods of sequences. He collaborated with more than thirty mathematicians all over the world and have several published papers with many of them. In particular he had very successful and long standing collaborations with very renowned Analysist Prof. Billey E. Rhoades of Indiana University, USA and subsequently with Prof. Richard F. Patterson of University of North Florida, USA with both of whom he has more than 35 publications each. He has published papers in several leading journals of Mathematics like Applied Mathematics Letters, Nonlinear Analysis, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, Mathematical Inequalities and Applications, Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Czechoslovak Journal of Mathematics, Mathematica Slovaca, Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics, Positivity etc and have more than hundred publications in SCI journals with very impressive citation record. I came to know him in 2008 when I was starting working in convergence theory. I was already aware of his many contributions in Summability theory and wanted to collaborate with him. Since then I had a very good research collaboration, in particular from my visit to him in 2010. He came across as a very capable mathematician with great insight. As a person, especially, he has been very warm and friendly and always treated me as a younger brother. Though he was much senior to me both in terms of age and reputation, he always treated me on par while working. Whenever I visited him over the years, he always took much care of my well beings. Over the years I tried to make little contributions in Convergence theory and Topology and he always encouraged me and appreciated the good works. After my first visit to him in Istanbul Commerce University in 2010 which was in some way my first significant visit abroad for joint work and have visited many countries and universities since then, undoubtedly he has been one of the best hosts.


Pratulananda Das

Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata – 700032, West Bengal, India  ”

2- Prof. Kocinac görüşleri

” About Ekrem SAVAS;

Professor Ekrem Savas  is one of the most active, creative and influential Turkish mathematicians. His research interests lie in the fields of summability methods, ideal and statistical convergence, sequence spaces, double sequences, and their applications in other areas of mathematics. Professor Savas has had a large impact in the development of these branches of mathematics. He has published more than 280 papers (only in the period 2010–2015 about 120 papers) in international mathematical journals, the most of them in prestigious journals such as Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Journal of Inequalities and Applications, Nonlinear Analysis, Computational Mathematics and Applications, Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics Letters, Abstract and Applied Analysis, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Information Sciences, Soft Computing and so on. The papers of Professor Savas have been cited more than 800 times. He has collaborated with a large number of mathematicians from all over the world, and his coauthors are some leading mathematicians in the fields of his research interests. Ekrem presented his research results at many universities and a numerous number of international conferences including several invited lectures. Activities of Professor Savas include also organization of a number of international mathematical conferences; he is editor in 9 mathematical journals. Ekrem is an honest person, very open for collaboration, and very friendly. His colleagues appreciate very much his warm friendship.

Ljubisa D.R. Kocinac

Professor Emeritus

University of Nis

Department of Mathematics

Serbia   “

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